Microbusinesses are the Country’s Backbone.

Very small businesses create the jobs. Period. Firms with one to four employees, known as micro-businesses, are stronger than other sized businesses when it comes to job creation. We crunched the latest available numbers from the Small Business Administration and found:

  • From 2004 to 2012, U.S. micro-businesses created a net of 7 million jobs, while the largest businesses lost 3/4 million (774,410 to be exact) jobs during the same period.
  • Very small businesses created jobs every year and mostly created more jobs than any other firm size.
  • During 2009 and 2010, micro-businesses were the only firm size that created jobs.

It’s a New Era Workforce of Independent, Self-employed Entrepreneurs

People involved in alternative work arrangements that collect a 1099 account for 30 million workers or about 20 percent of the labor force; a number that is growing at a rate faster than general total employment. If you include people who do some very part-time independent work, you end up with about 70 million people involved in the new era economy, or 36 percent of the workforce.

Our members help the self-employed and entrepreneurs create their own jobs as well as jobs for others, help Main Street businesses survive and thrive during difficult economic times, revitalize neighborhoods through business development, and provide infrastructure that strengthens families.

As California’s statewide Micro Enterprise association, CAMEO is the voice for Micro-business in California. We expand resources and build capacity for our member organizations – over 220 lenders, training programs, job creators, agencies and individuals dedicated to furthering Micro-business development in California.

Our video CAMEO Connects illustrates the power of locally-grown small businesses.