CEO Women Curriculum

Message from Farhana Huq, former C.E.O. Women

Creating Economic Opportunities for Women (C.E.O. Women) was an award-winning, non-profit organization dedicated to helping low-income immigrant and refugee women become entrepreneurs. Based in Oakland, CA, the organization helped over 2,000 women, offering them business training, technical support and access to capital for 11 years.

C.E.O. Women was perhaps most noted for its groundbreaking ESL (English as a Second Language) entrepreneurship curriculum designed for entrepreneurs with limited English skills. They spent over a decade developing this curriculum and perfecting it for immigrant and refugee women who desired to improve their English while learning the basics of entrepreneurship.

On December 21, 2011, C.E.O. Women unfortunately had to close its doors due to funding cutbacks and the difficult economy. Believing that their work and innovations could still be of great benefit to the micro-enterprise industry at large, they decided to open source their most valuable assets. This included their classroom based ESL entrepreneurship curriculum. Their hope was that the work they invested so much time and money in developing could live on and continue to add value to the micro-enterprise industry at large. They contacted CAMEO expressing their desire to make this contribution to the field. CAMEO agreed to host the assets on this webpage for the benefit of the greater community.

C.E.O. Women wishes like to thank all the organizations that work so tirelessly to empower low-income entrepreneurs. Through CAMEO, C.E.O. Women hopes these assets will add value to your programs and organizations. The assets are:

  1. Award-winning ESL entrepreneurship curriculum
  2. Recurring donor program for micro-enterprise organizations
  3. Volunteer program for micro-enterprise organizations

*Starting a Small Business Curriculum

*Volunteer Handbook – Word / pdf

*OHANA Recurring Donor program