Improve Your Writing in 5 Steps (and learn 11 writing tips as a bonus)

Everyone writes in their job, whether for internal email exchanges or for external consumption, e.g. tweets for social media accounts, client stories, grant narratives, donor letters. For those of us in the microbusiness sector, effectively communicating our point is important to prove our impact. Join this webinar and walk through 5 steps in the writing process that will bring more punch to your writing and learn more than 10 easy-to-apply writing tips. 

Cybersecurity: Mitigating Risk for Microenterprises

We love technology. It helps us do so many things more efficiently. But it’s not immune to crime. Nationally cybersecurity incidents increased about 12 fold from about 5,500 in 2006 to more than 70,000 today. Join CAMEO board member, Jesse Torres, and a panel of experts who will help us navigate the cyberworld safely.

Advocacy Day Prep & Policy Updates

With so much going on in Washington and Sacramento, we have gathered our policy friends to keep you informed of all the excitement. This webinar will prep you for our Advocacy Day later in the spring when we will advocate in Sacramento for small and micro-business issues. Get training on how best to conduct your meeting, what to say and be briefed on the issues.

Online Learning Is Here to Stay

Going online with training and consulting is not as difficult as you might think. Joy Taylor of JEDI will demystify the world of remote learning. Topics covered include: delivery method pros and cons, technology platforms, how to create engagementonline, the flipped classroom, and repurposing content. Develop a step by step approach to bring your organization’s expertise online. Ample time for questions and answers will allow you to explore if or how online learning is right for your organization.

Global Cash Analysis – A Microlending Essential

Global Cash Flow Analysis is a critical part of small business lending underwriting that takes a holistic view of the business owner’s entire cash situation – because looking at the business alone does not provide the whole story, specially of microbusinesses. Whether you’re a microlender or business assistance provider – help your clients get the best loan they can by understanding their financial situation.

CalSavers: California’s Free Retirement Program

In July 2019, the state is launching a new retirement program that will enable employers to provide their employees with a payroll deduction Individual Retirement Account (IRA) at no cost to the employer or taxpayer. CalSavers will eliminate the three major concerns that small business owners cite as reasons for not offering a retirement plan: cost, liability, and complexity.

Engaging with Veterans: Entrepreneurship and the Military

CAMEO’s Women Veterans Entrepreneurship Network offers year-round community events to foster new businesses. Veterans Day is an excellent time to promote your business development classes and special programs for veterans, military spouses and caregivers. Join us for tips on how to engage more military-connected business owners in time for Veterans Day.

Small Business Disaster Recovery and Resilience

After last year’s fire season and the start of this year’s, we’re living in a new normal. Fires and other disasters (earthquakes, floods, etc.) have a profound effect on local businesses. After reaching out to those affected, they are looking for contacts to agencies/organizations who might provide resources such as microloans to businesses. Don’t wait until it’s too late, prepare now.