Tech Tools: Bringing Business Assistance into the Future

Technology is changing EVERYTHING. Including business assistance. Our members are having innovative responses to the changing landscape. Learn how several of your peers are developing products and services to respond to the rapid changes in the economy and society.

Ironing Out the Issues

With so much going on in Washington and Sacramento, we have gathered our policy friends to keep you informed of all the excitement.

Credit Building Strategies for Entrepreneurs

Credit building is a powerful tool that helps entrepreneurs take control of their financial lives, establish and grow their businesses, and pursue other asset building goals. In this webinar, Credit Builders Alliance (CBA) will introduce you to the services and support available through CBA membership. In addition, you will learn about the power of credit building for entrepreneurs and how you can incorporate credit building into your array of program and support services.

Micro Lending Academy: Lending Life Cycle and Technology

We know that FinTech’s technology led to an explosion of online lending, much of it usurious. Across the country, CDFIs are building their own online platforms for quality community lending — including our own Robert Lopez, COO of Valley Economic Development Corporation in Los Angeles.

What’s Cooking In A DIY Economy?

Join us for a webinar that explores why you need an entrepreneurship strategy, and the tools that ensure success. We’ll focus on new business incubator models: kitchen incubators, maker spaces, co-working spots and cooperative incubators.

Micro Lending Academy: Excellence in Lending Discussion

CAMEO invites leaders and the big thinkers to a presentation from Opportunity Fund on their lending process. Their process — which does not use high tech algorithms nor online applications — led them to close 1,560 microloans this past year. The business model that allows such scale has elements that leaders in the CAMEO lending network need to consider.

Micro Lending Academy: Advanced Balance Sheets

Now that we all know what a balance sheet is and how it operates, what type of analysis can we do with it? In this webinar we will review some common balance sheet ratios used by lenders, but then move onto analysis that is useful for business owner management decisions.

Micro Lending Academy: Balance Sheet Basics

This webinar, the first of a two-part series, will be an introduction to Balance Sheets accounts, what they mean and how they work together. We have a fun exercise (you can use it in your classes!) that demonstrates how the Balance Sheet changes with each business transaction.